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Our Mission


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Now more than ever, the curtains are being pulled back and we are understanding more and more about health, why food is so important to longevity of life, and the deception of food corporations.
The Good Captain Co brings fresh seafood to local
Santa Barbara County restaurants straight from the source in one of the highest regulated fishing ecosystems in the entire world. The food we provide takes us back to pure eating and living off of our natural resources in a sustainable way.  


I have been coming to the Channel Islands since I was very young. It is a sanctuary to me and a place I have grown up. I have spent 1000s of hours underwater out here. Our marine sanctuaries and the highly regulated fisheries we Americans thrive on are being challenged by green washing lobbyists in Sacramento with monetary agendas that are only self serving. As a commercial seafood diver / harvester I have been constantly observing the way our parks are “managed”. They dismiss the science and people like myself, who live in this environment and want nothing but the best for it.


I am sharing my experiences out here in hopes to shed a light on who I believe are the true stewards and observers of the Channel Islands national park, and the challenges we are facing ahead of us. You can tune in to my adventures and advocacy on our Instagram page at @thegoodcaptainco


California deep sea diver


The Good Captain's Bio 

John Hoadley has been submerged beneath the waves between San Diego and Monterey in one way or another for nearly his entire life. After spending countless hours free diving and scuba diving throughout his entire adolescence, John completed the Marine Diving Technology program at SBCC in the spring of 2004. Upon completion of his diving degree, he worked with Truth Aquatics Inc. Starting off as a deckhand on the Conception and then primarily the Vision, he acquired his 100 ton USCG Masters license and worked as a Mate for many seasons. He has worked in the offshore oil industry as a Commercial Diver off the Santa Barbara coastline and in Hawaii doing work ranging from cleaning and inspection of platforms to installing sub-sea systems in support of large Power Buoys and hydrographic seafloor listening devices. John has also ran survey boats on the east and west coast conducting hydrographic reconnaissance for offshore windfarm development, and other mapping operations. For the last 14 years, John has owned and operated The Good Captain Co, a commercial fishing business that provides sea urchin, sea cucumber, and lobster to local Santa Barbara restaurants and seafood providers. You can follow his sea adventures and advocacy work on Instagram at @thegoodcaptainco